Here we go..

I’ve literally been told so many times to either do stand up or start a blog, but I’d defo crap myself with the former, so yeah, the latter it is!

Introductions – I’ve had a bit of a mad few years. I annihilated myself just over 3 years ago when I slipped and fell so very gracefully on wet flooring in (let me try describe this establishment without naming and shaming) a large, annoyingly popular, anxiety-inducing, indoor/outdoor shopping centre in South Dublin. I know you know the one. Since then, I’ve been dealing with daily pain and discomfort, bouts of depression and anxiety, being on the delightful Dole and borrowing a shit tonne of money from my fam.

It included a lot of this.. (This is waiting)
Ahh, there she is (post-op)
And some of this.. (Surgery, not being topless)

But alas, it’s not been all bad lads! I also met the love of my life(Check new post for update) nearly 2 years ago, I’ve recently come into some money – my personal injury case fiiiinally being settled!

I’ve made amazing plans, booked incredible holliers and at last have the money and energy to start getting my shit together! Hence this blog.

Follow along if so inclined. It’ll be me shite-ing on about my life – ups and downs, trials and tribulations, diary entries (these are truly scintillating!), hollier snaps, good times etc.


Thanks for reading y’all! Until we meet again x

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